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A Little Bit About BCC Taxi (Bell City Cabs)

In April 2005, BCC Taxi (Bell City Cabs) was formed with only 13 taxi cabs. However, following an expansion later that year, BCC Taxi (Bell City Cabs) has grown to 24 total units. Today, BCC Taxi (Bell City Cabs) is constantly changing, ever adapting in order to effectively service our growing customer base. To help assure we stay successful and competitive, BCC Taxi (Bell City Cabs) is maintaining a commitment to quality on all our vehicles because your safety depends on it.

We realize the life expectancy of a vehicle and how important a clean and safe taxi is to you, your family, your friends & your co-workers. To stay ahead of the competition, We have created a program that allows us to keep changing our fleet in order to constantly adapt to the ever changing market.

BCC Taxi (Bell City Cabs) is poised for continued growth into the coming year!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior customer service, while transporting our customers and goods safely to their destinations.

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